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This 3D tracker & shortener is open source and designed to adapt to generate & manage your art to easily share it.


Welcome to Work in Progress for GLTFI!

You can upload, shortcode and label glTF 3D assets, similar to bit.ly and tinyurl, for easy sharing with the community. This website is built on open source code designed to work with generative tools so creators can manage copyright, permissions, extensions and attributions with ease. We plan to offer analytics to track the uses, extensions, interactions and success of your 3D art.

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glTF URL Shortener

Welcome to our glTF tracker! Use the form below to create a shortened URL for your glTF asset:

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Github: GLTFI.

Glitify is built on open source code and we welcome contributions. If you'd like to extend the functionality or add new features, check out our GitHub repository:


Please remember to attribute this service whenever you share your shortened URL. Thank you for using Glitify

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